Once again, Holly Hagan Nuts, feature the star of the famous British reality TV show, Geordie Shore. She surprised us all by being the cover of Nuts Magazine UK. The controversial celebrity has all eyes on her by posing topless for the said magazine.

Showing Off Her Rocking Body

After the much talked-about devastation of the starlet about her boob job gone wrong since losing weight, she is back to show everyone that it’s like there was nothing to deter her confidence. Previously, the starlet caught much attention from non-showbiz people like us. The spectacle being focused on was Holly’s embarrassment on how her breasts looked like the ones owned by a 90 year woman. She described it as saggy. She also added that she felt terrified because she knew that her breast implants flipped over. After that, the hot celebrity decided to get her boobs repaired. Now, she flaunts it off by being featured as one of the 50 topless celebrities in Nuts Magazine. She’s prouder of it than ever.

Holly Hagan Nuts Interview

As if the pictures were not enough to be the talk of the town, Holly’s answers to her interview are steaming as well. In her Nuts interview, she goes fearless with her answers to the recent controversies that have been linked to her name. She’s been asked about her quarrel with Rita Ora. It’s good to have everything cleared up when everyone online can judge anyone openly. She also answered questions about her relationships, her Tweets, and her show, Geordie Shore.

Holly Hagan Nuts Photo Shoots Level Up

600full-holly-haganThe starlet seems to have no boundaries when it comes to exposing her sizzling body. Ever since getting her newly made boobs, she makes a comeback by having a racy topless photo-shoot with Nuts. Holly even joked that she’s willing to do more daring shoots with Nuts Magazine if she got paid with more money.



More With Her Personal Life

The sexy starlet shared more about her personal life in Nuts. Unlike most of us who feel uncomfortable about the most private things in our lives, she is just our exact opposite. She told the magazine that she’s been getting weird offers on the internet, asking her for marriage and other favors. For sure many guys are interested in her. She even gets expensive gifts like shoes and jewellery. Those guys surely know what most girls’ weaknesses are. Women like us crave for those material things. Despite getting gifts, the reality TV star assured interested guys out there that she’s completely single. She doesn’t go to dates. She seems to believe that her dates always end awkwardly and that it doesn’t really work out for her. For sure the viewers of Geordie Shore know about that too.

Aside from getting proposals and gifts, the famous British star told Nuts about the best thing about being a celebrity. At first, our impression will most likely be fame or getting material things, but there’s this sweet edge in Holly’s personality. She stated that the best part of having celebrity status is having money to be spent on her family. Wouldn’t it be great if we will be able to pay back to our parents just like Holly did?

Thanks for the Holly Hagan Nuts feature. We got to know her more.

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